Treatment Centers

The Benefits of being at a Hemophilia Treatment Center

Although it is possible to receive treatment for bleeding disorders from providers outside the Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs), the advantages for being registered at an HTC are many. Data collection on management strategies and factor products is done through the HTC network. Product recalls and changes in management strategies are brought to the attention of the Hemophilia Treatment Centers by experts from around the world. Because bleeding disorders are rare, providers outside the HTC may have little experience treating someone with a bleeding disorder. Because HTCs are often closely linked with research centers, patients have the advantage of being treated by providers who know about recent developments in hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and may actually be involved in that research. By being registered at an HTC, patients may be eligible to participate in research studies that can benefit patients worldwide. Eastern PA Bleeding Disorders Foundation encourages all patients with bleeding disorders to register at a Hemophilia Treatment Center.

Hemophilia Treatment Centers in the Eastern PA Region