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Hemophilia Patient & Program Support (HPPS)


What is Hemophilia Patient & Program Support?

Hemophilia Patient and Program Support (HPPS) is a 501 (c) (3) charitable and educational organization created by the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. HPPS was created to provide funds for community outreach, education and resources to individuals with hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease residing within the geographic boundaries served by the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter. HPPS is dedicated to ensuring that patients continue to receive the highest quality of care and services at affordable costs. Working in collaboration with the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, HPPS will provide additional funding to help the Chapter meet patient and program needs.


Mission Statement

Hemophilia Patient and Program Support (HPPS) is dedicated to providing support to local patients with bleeding disorders and the programs that serve them:

  • community outreach and education
  • financial support for patients with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders
  • financial support for programs providing care or research relevant to bleeding disorders


HPPS will provide services of the highest quality and will secure, to the extent
possible, the continuation of care and service programs for people with bleeding disorders.


HPPS participating homecare companies provide:

  • a full range of services to meet your needs (pharmacy, delivery, support, financial counseling, etc.)
  • a toll free number and pharmacists, 24 hours a day, with overnight shipment – regardless of your location
  • adequate inventory of factor, supplies and medicines to meet your needs both on a short- and longterm basis
  • financial help for patient life needs, when need is determined
  • services to people with pre-existing medical conditions
  • information about the costs for medications and services and will inform you of any changes to those expected costs
  • help with insurance-related issues
  • notification of any company policy regarding discontinuation of services related to loss of coverage or inability to pay
  • notification of all product recalls and withdrawals within one business day
  • assurance that your confidentiality will be maintained


HPPS has been able to financially contribute to the following initiatives of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter:

  • Support for Bleeding Disorders Research
  • Patient Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Meetings & Training
  • Support for Family Camp
  • Support for Summer Camp
  • Support for Patient Needs
  • Support for Hemophilia Program Needs
  • Support for Publications & Information
  • Support for Education & Outreach
  • Support for Legislative & Advocacy Efforts


Participating companies provide charitable contributions to HPPS. HPPS provides information to promote informed patient choice. HPPS does not provide medical advice. Consult your HTC or physician for advice about medical care.